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Types of Membership Offered:

  • Individual ($60/year): One year membership for one person
  • Sustaining individual ($90/year): Includes one year membership for one person, plus a $30 donation to help with work of the League of Women Voters of Estes Park. The donation of $30 is tax deductible.
  • Family ($90/year): One-year membership for 2 people living in the same household
  • Sustaining Family ($135/year): Includes one year membership for 2 people living in the same household, plus a $45 donation to help with work of the League of Women Voters of Estes Park. The donation of $45 is tax deductible.
  • Student (free!): If you are a full-time student and would like to join the League of Women Voters, please contact us at contactus@lwv-estespark.org. We would love for you to join us! Students can join at no cost. Get involved today!

​Except for the donation amount included in sustaining memberships, your dues are not tax deductible.


How to Make a Difference as a Member of the League of Women Voters of Estes Park!


We offer many opportunities via our Committees for you to take an active role in local issues and/or the League:

Program and Advocacy Work:

Want to get involved in educating the Community about the issues? Want to get involved in making change happen? Check out these Committee opportunities:




Program Committee
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Community Recycling Committee
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Great Decisions Chairperson
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Voter Services Work:


As the League of Women Voters, one of our primary focuses is on educating the public about elections and issues. Join one of our Voter Services Committees to help achieve our mission of a democracy where everyone can vote with the confidence of informed decisions.

Voter Services Committee
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Junior Elections Committee
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League Management:


The work of the League can only take place if we have the members, structure and funds to operate. The top-level management of the League is done by our Board of Directors. See our Home Page for information about Board positions. Other Committees that help allow us to do our work are:

Membership Committee
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Resource Development Committee
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Examples of past LWVEP programs:

Worked to ban commercial tour flights in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tracked the development and implementation of the Estes Valley Comprehensive Plan.

Explored the elements and issues of a Sustainable Community for Estes Park.

Fostered cooperation between Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding communities.

Studied and acted on issues that affect our life in Estes Park.

Grow with the League

Sharpen your skills in leadership, planning, researching issues, lobbying, public speaking, or tackle a completely new challenge of your own choosing through a grass-roots approach.

Expand and broaden your horizons through invaluable professional and personal contacts among the people who make things happen in your community.

When you join the League, you are automatically a part of it at every level - national, state and local. You choose where you want to have an impact from the halls of the U.S. Congress, to the Colorado state capitol, to Estes Park.


Political action of the LWVEP is determined by its members only after they have reached a consensus. Action is implemented by informational publications and programs, position statements, and by lobbying.

LWV of Estes Park - contactus@lwv-estespark.org

Our Mission

Empowering Voters,

Defending Democracy


Our Vision

We envision a demo-cracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate.


Send A Message!

Download our "Send a Message" brochure for contact information for your elected representatives. Not sure who they are? If you live in Estes Park (zipcode 80517), you are in:

US House District 2

CO Senate District 15

CO House District 49

Send a Message Brochure
Send A Message 2019-2020.pdf
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Contact Us Today!

P.O. Box 564

Estes Park, CO 80517


E-mail: contactus@lwv-estespark.org



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