League Lines

League Lines is the LWVEP's newsletter. It is published 10 times/year, monthly from September - May plus a year-end recap following the Annual Meeting in May.


February 2019
LWVEP League Lines Feb 2019 .pdf
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January 2019
LWVEP League Lines Jan 2019.pdf
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December 2018
LWVEP League Lines Dec 2018 .pdf
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November 2018
LWVEP League Lines Nov 2018 .pdf
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October 2018
LWVEP League Lines Oct 2018 .pdf
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September 2018
LWVEP League Lines Sept 2018 .pdf
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2017-2018 Year End Edition (May 2018)
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April 2018
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March 2018
LWVEP League Lines Mar 2018 .pdf
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Governance Documents

The League of Women Voters of Estes Park is governed by the National League, State of Colorado League and our own by-laws. The League is non-partisan and we never endorse political candidates. We can and do advocate for policy positions, but only if and when we hold a position on the subject. Below are the by-laws of the LWVEP and our local positions on issues.

LWVEP Bylaws
LWVEP Bylaws 2017.pdf
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The League of Women Voters does not support or opposed candidates for office. We do hold and advocate for policy positions only after thoroughly studying the issues. Below are the positions of the League of Women Voters:


National League Positions


Colorado State League Positions

Estes Park League Positions
LWVEP Positions.pdf
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LWV of Estes Park - contactus@lwv-estespark.org

Our Mission

Empowering Voters,

Defending Democracy


Our Vision

We envision a demo-cracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate.


Send A Message!

Download our "Send a Message" brochure for contact information for your elected representatives. Not sure who they are? If you live in Estes Park (zipcode 80517), you are in:

US House District 2

CO Senate District 15

CO House District 49

Send a Message Brochure
Send A Message 2019-2020.pdf
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Contact Us Today!

P.O. Box 564

Estes Park, CO 80517


E-mail: contactus@lwv-estespark.org



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LWV of Estes Park - contactus@lwv-estespark.org